1.) Do you offer kid’s classes? Not by themselves – if a child wishes to attend class, then a parent must join them as well.  Please contact an instructor to set up a meeting for the family.

2.) What is a normal class like? We start out with warm-up exercises, and rolling practice. Then we work on techniques with a partner, usually changing partners with each new technique. We take a break at 7, and then continue with partner practice.

3.) What should I wear when starting Aikido? Before purchasing a uniform, a student may wear sweat pants and a plain t-shirt. (No shorts)

4.) How does Aikido differ from other martial arts? Instead of the blocking, punching, and kicking that are part of linear arts (Karate, Taekwondo, etc) Aikido “blends” with an attack, using the opponent’s force against them. Partners also take turns attacking and performing the technique. Falling (taking ukemi) is a major part of our training.